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2021 xmas gift ideas

Inverno  $11.99 soft cover

Black and white snapshots from the pandemic





100 Poets One Song Each  $19.99 hardcover

New edition of a classic Japanese work, footnoted





Paula’s Proverbs VOLUME IV  $20 soft cover

The bon mot, the clever riposte, with world-traveling images.





Mike Berg ceramic artist mug  $22

Have some art with your morning coffee in the spirit of the great Constructivists





The Pound Book  $35 hardcover

It’s not only about money





Marrakech Medina tote bag  $54

Carry the souk with you wherever you go. An evocative shopping companion.




Paula Sweet abstract joy designer leggings  $60

Look sharp this winter with some seriously snazzy design on your bod.





Great Again  € 150 hardcover collectible

Large format full color book, numbered limited edition printed in Italy, commemorating images from 2016-2020.

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