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Some titles available in Kindle format

111 Haiku cover.jpg

$ 9.99

111 Haiku

You only get 3 lines 

to say

what you mean.


$ 16.99

Arborea - a novel

What happens when a famous billionaire visits an eco-resort set among the California redwoods

BOMB COV ONLY JPG 18 June 2020.jpg

$ 16.99

The BOMB Interviews

Insiders discuss their method, inspiration and process and the amazing worlds they inhabit.

Deals cover.jpg

$ 12.99

The Book of Deals

He's fat, she's selfish, and they're out to steal as much as they can in LA during the go-go 70s. Includes comprehensive footnotes.

Labyrinth cover.jpg

$ 10.99

Case Studies of Five Modern Labyrinths

A manuscript presented by the author of The Illustrated Cyclopedia of Conjectural Edifices.

Crimson cover.jpg

$ 14.98

The Crimson Garter

The Captain Blackpool Trilogy


A ballerina on the run, followed by an enigmatic secret agent, in the first novel of an historic series set during the Napoleonic Wars..

Fate cover.jpg

$ 14.98

Fate & the Pearls

The Captain Blackpool Trilogy


More information about Captain Blackpool's origins, his travels in India, intrigue in Venice.


$ 14.98

The Jade Lion
The Captain Blackpool Trilogy

Historical fiction, also a Western epic. Cowboys and Indians, lost cities and a buffalo stampede.

Hacker cover.jpg

$ 8.05

The Hacker

Client Coder Chaos


A disgruntled programmer attempts to take revenge on a young Delhi technology company.

HACK IS BACK cover.jpg

$ 13.99


The Hacker


The rogue hacker in cahoots with Israeli operatives. Private jets, cybercrimes, Bitcoins, shady billionaires.

Hitman cover.jpg

$ 8.99

Hitman in Delhi

a screenplay

Screenplay based on the story "Supari", including an informative essay about how the script was written.

Joaquin cover.jpg

$ 8.99

The History & Adventures of the Bandit Joaquin Murietta

Legendary outlaw and the New York art world meet the ghosts of O. Henry and magical realism. 

cover capture 28 Oct.jpg

$ 11.99


The harsh realities of life during the 2020 pandemic. BW postcards from Vicenza, Italy.

Legacy cover.jpg

$ 10.99

Legacy & Power

Five parables addressing the idea of how wisdom is transmitted between the generations.

NWCB cover.jpg


The New Wave Cookbook

40th Anniversary Edition

"... no cookbook is cooler or more stylish!”   - Fab 5 Freddy

NUCLEAR COV front only.jpg

$ 12.99

Nuclear Brands

A digest of 15 years of DiGanZi's annual brand letters. Rich in history, vocabulary and incredible presumption.

Poop cover.jpg

$ 8.99

Park Avenue Poop

Like a meteor in the sky, this NYC underground newsletter was a trailblazer for six unforgettable months in the 1980s.

Supari cover.jpg

$ 9.99


Meek professor gets robbed on an Indian train. He dispatches slick hitman to go after the bad guys and Delhi underworld explodes.

Surf City cover.jpg

$ 9.99

Surf City

A love Letter to Santa Teresa

This remote beach hamlet on the coast of Costa Rica is reputed to have the best surfing in the world. Also the happiest visitors.

Swami cover.jpg

$ 9.99

Swami Gopal Buri

Twelve aphorisms delivered in 2011 by a Hindu mystic in Rishikesh. Includes photos and watercolors by the author.

What Did COV May 2020.jpg

$ 7.99

What Did You Just Say?

A decade and a half of seductive vocabulary collected by an obsessive and inveterate brand afficionado. New 2020 edition.


$ 10.99

What Is A Brand?


The classic reference text now in its 4th edition, with a new introduction by Fritz Gottschalk and foreward by Michael Wolff.

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